These objects have evolved from silence, from a cultivated stillness and reverence while working. They have become a connecting link, offering a passage into subtle realms of unknown destinations, an intermediate space between the outer and inner worlds, the seen and unseen. These objects now exist as a relatively permanent record of moments spent in such places, encapsulated in an earthly, tangible form.

The sculptural work employs a playful game-like position, describing ambiguous spaces and realities, while posing questions about their own nature - their imagined origin and history, their material composition and weight. Alternating between seemingly weightless and impossibly dense, some works reference invisible forces of nature like gravity or a magnetic field, while others echo earthly growth and decay, geologic strata, relics from ancient civilizations, or rocks from the moon.

My paintings are more descriptive of atmospheres in which these sculptures may reside, through layers of transparency and solidity, suggesting dimension, volume and vacuum. Within these paintings, I record a dialogue with an unseen world; cavernous or infinite spaces free of the earthly plane and horizon line.